About Us

I'd love to tell you that we're making bank and living in a mansion on the beach, but the reality is we're a young couple in a one-bedroom apartment somewhere in East Tennessee.  But we're doing what we love and we're good at it.

I (Caitlin) am a case manager at a non-profit organization that specializes in treating women with substance abuse and mental health disorders.  I'm currently in graduate school full-time pursuing my master's degree in school counseling.  I hope to work with adolescents and high-risk youth when I finish my degree.

I met Jared while we were both working as counselors at a residential treatment facility for adolescents.  Jared still works there, but he's no longer a counselor.  He's the math teacher on campus now.  He's already got his bachelor's degree in Nuclear Engineering, is one class away from a bachelor's in psychology, AND is going to school to finish up his teaching license.  Other than teaching and going to class, he spends most of his free time working on his own websites.

Besides being totally awesome and in love and all that crap, we are pretty out of shape.  I wouldn't use the "F" word (fat) for either of us, but we definitely heave and want to puke every time we take a lap around a track.  We're too young to be that out of shape, so we're taking steps to correct that now and together.